My favorite quotes from the book “Who says you can’t, you do! by Daniel Chidiac

I completed this book in two months and it has really changed my life and the way of living my life. I really want to share a few of my favorite quotes and lines from this book that really inspired me and helped me in making my life way better than before. Here are my... Continue Reading →


The feelings!

Sometimes I keep my feelings inside, Sometimes I keep my emotions hide I wish I could express every little thing, Though we have a very strong link You have gone miles away, Missing you is the only way After a few days of separation, I have got your realization You're the one I can think... Continue Reading →

** Heart broken words! **

Life has made it tough to live, and I have nothing left to give Everything I gave to him, which is now dim Broken and empty from inside, all because I lied Tough it is to prove my love, for me he was all above Love isn’t an easy game, it also comes with blame... Continue Reading →

A walk with my mom!

Let me introduce you to my fitness freak mother. In today’s world, it is actually the opposite where girls are more health conscious than their parents. My mother has been doing regular yoga for 10 years and in my family, she is considered to be the fittest lady. In fact, I would say she is... Continue Reading →

What I learned from staying off social media!

Technology was created to connect to anyone in the world. But the ongoing involvement in the internet makes us rethink if we are connected or disconnected more. A couple of months ago, I decided to become inactive from all the social media platforms for some time. This actually surprised my family and friends. However, it... Continue Reading →

A friend drenched soul!

How do you define a friend? A person who is loving, caring, sharing, understanding, loyal, trustworthy, honest and lastly someone who accepts you for who you are during the good and bad times. The adjectives for a friend is endless and I have tried to cover most of them but still even after defining the... Continue Reading →

Hello Mumbai!

Hello Mumbai, Adding this city in my life journey. Starting from 5 Feb 2018. Life isn’t the same the way you plan it. So now mine brought me here today to start a new phase of my life. I wonder how things are destined in your life and your biggest failures in life become the... Continue Reading →

Working in night shifts!

17 November 2014, Night shifts started in my life from this date. I was always against working in these shifts and the day I got to know that my new job has only these shifts I was surprised and cried a lot. I still remember that I was traveling in a train that day and... Continue Reading →

A trip to Thailand!

I couldn’t believe I was at the airport and about to fly for my first international trip, it was all of a sudden that my elder sister called me up a week ago and asked me if I am interested in going to Bangkok for few days with her on a trip along with my... Continue Reading →

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